Writing Short Stories

L. Jean Davis
Apr 27, 2023

Lessons I learned from rejection.

  1. A short story is that — short. You may have to break it down into several shorts.
  2. Give each subject an interesting subtitle to keep people drawn in.
  3. Make sure the audience knows who is speaking and that the wording is clear.
  4. Do not take offense when a seasoned writer or publisher is trying to help you.
  5. Then if you get rejected, think it over, learn and start over. Never quit.
  6. There are some very great writers here to learn from.

This is Jean Davis ever learning. Have a cup of coffee and try again!



L. Jean Davis

Never too late to pursue your dreams after 60, which I did. I am a freelance writer. I love to write about real life , travel, history, natural foods.