Today I got Serious

Time to get off the rollercoaster to nowhere with my writing.

Jean Davis
3 min readAug 21


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Today I turned 62 years old. It is time to get serious, make a plan, and stick to it. Get off this roller coaster and stick to a schedule. I have read and read and learned and read again. Now it is time to do something meaningful.

I want to thank Veronica Llorca-Smith for all of her advice. She has had the most practical as far as a plan and sticking to it. So I am taking the five things I know, and I am going to go with it.

Her book and newsletter, “The Lemon Tree Mindset,” is impressive and practical. I also love how she always takes time out of her busy day to answer questions. Thank you, Veronica, for all your advice and energy.

I am starting back on my ebook for practical tips, and I will start a newsletter. I interact more on LinkedIn, which all writers should. This way, you can get leads and tips to create contacts.

I helped a contact there who was looking for a job. Because I was constantly researching and helping her, she put on my bio that she recommended me for research. See how that paid off. So it is essential to have communication with other writers and be involved.

You can be involved in different groups to get advice and learn. I plan on staying involved, but I will structure my time for the rest of the year to finish my ebook and newsletter. Of course, I will still write my articles for Medium and pray things will improve. My personal stories have done well.

The year 2024 is going to be better. I have finished my home projects, so there are no excuses. No distractions. I am going to focus and learn to say no to outside communications. Learn to balance my time during the day.

I will still read and support my other writers on Medium. I love doing this at night and early in the morning. It brings focus and clarity to the day. We should all do this and help each other out. It helps me meet new writers, enjoy their work, and get new writing tips.

Another person who has been dear to me is Francisco Iglesias. He has believed in me as I have progressed in my writing. He has posted many of my stories in his editions, and I have learned a lot of good writers from him.



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