New York is the Place to Be!!

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Jean Davis


New York City is an exciting place with a melting pot of different people. This beautiful city connects with any culture you would love to experience. That is why we have the Statue of Liberty set on Ellis Island. For years and years, immigrants have come to America for a new start, and this statue was a reminder of freedom for them.

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Here are some things to do while visiting New York City: Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island; you can tour the harbor here.

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Everyone must come and visit Central Park; many parks have mimicked it — the most beautiful garden in the world is here. Biking tours, carriage rides, celebrity homes and film spots, scavenger hunts, and other games exist. A lot of food trucks are there, and ball fields. There is a zoo for the many kids coming through, plus I thought it was interesting that the monarch butterfly was becoming extinct. The people there work hard to keep them multiplying by giving them a butterfly conservation area. Then when cold weather sets in, they fly to Mexico.

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Here are some museums to visit while in New York City:

1. 9/11 Memorial and Museum

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2. Museum of Modern Art
3. Whitney Museum of American Art
4. Guggenheim Museum
5. Artechouse

Visit Grand Central in New York City if you are not using their services. You can take a guided tour to learn the dark secrets of the Grand Central Terminal. Go for a…



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