Never Too Late

It's always possible to start a new career. I started writing at 60.

Jean Davis
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I only wish I had started writing earlier because it is beautiful. It is lovely to write about what you want to. Write about something you are passionate about. It is therapy for me. I can take memories and write about them to help someone else. I have a lot of roads I have traveled down. I could be a bitter old woman, but I choose to experience life and use it to help others.

I was forced into early retirement and refused to be a couch potato. My knees are in bad shape due to my past career. That is okay; at least one will be fixed soon. Then I will be old enough to retire anyway from hard labor. I instead share my knowledge.

I started taking every free course to find my niche. I love short stories and article writing. For a short time, I wrote descriptions of products and posts on the internet for a company and liked doing that. But that was just for a contracted time. There are so many things for a person my age to be able to do online. You can do surveys, listen to songs, watch videos, or sell products.

My favorite thing to write about was travel. I used to be a travel agent when I was younger and should have pursued the opportunity to go further into this field of journalism. I love visiting different cities and states and writing about them, and looking for exciting attractions and hotels to stay at for families and singles alike. Hotels love to cater to travel agents. A lot of times, they get free rooms and airline tickets.

Always do your research thoroughly and give credit where credit is due. I always provide a link to tourism so people can find additional places to go for themselves. Most publications give you how many words they want, so you can only list so many.

But remember one thing it is always possible to start a new career. My mom started painting at 60, and she is perfect. Her grandmother was a painter, and her mother was a writer. I have a cousin with six books on Amazon: Eve H Harrell. She is a Christian writer and helps young people. She has a fiction series out now.

Practice always makes perfect. You must write every day, even if it is only fifteen minutes a day. It will pay off in the long run. Eventually, you will find the right platform and the right audience. You will find the right editors and publishers along the way. Make sure that you are supportive too. Read others' work and support them. Comment and encourage them. No one is confident in their work. My mom still thinks she is a bad painter, and she is excellent.

But we can only go forward and do great, can't we? So I want to encourage you all not to give up when life seems dreary. This is Jean Davis with Life is Good.



Jean Davis

Never too late to pursue your dreams after 60, which I did. I am a freelance writer. I love to write about real life situations and travel.