Let’s Write Anyway!!

Do you feel dry and lazy?

L. Jean Davis
2 min readDec 19, 2023
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Do you ever find yourself in a rut? Are you overloaded and do not know what to do?

I can tell you, that you have required too much of yourself. I evaluated my schedule. I started getting rid of some obligations. I cannot do it all. I freed up my Friday and Saturday. That helped me a lot.

I must get my working schedule back. You must learn to say the word NO. NO babysitting. NO to that errand for your sister or mother during work time. My sister never compromises her work time. She freelances like I do. She will say NO to paying jobs if they stress her out.

I take on too much. I get tired.

Learn to say NO. Commit yourself to your writing as if it were your spouse. Commit to it like a newborn babe needing to be fed every two hours.

Start fresh tomorrow with your list and stick to it. Read others writing. Clap, comment, and learn. Have your schedules up to date with goals.

We need a tribe to learn new and fresh ideas and give others the same.

Look at the news to get ideas. Look at travel and other niches. But most of all, write your thoughts on paper or the computer like I am today.

I hope this helps someone today.

Clap and comment because this will help me a lot. Let me know if you are going through these same problems. Thank you!



L. Jean Davis

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