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Let me guide you on a road trip!

Queensland, Australia Caravaning for Retirees

L. Jean Davis
6 min readMar 3, 2023


Let’s not worry about the time, but it will be about two weeks, 1000 miles and 1700 km. The trip was so enjoyable that I was ready to stay for six months. What a beautiful place to visit. Beautiful beaches and so much History and wildlife. It is a coastal state, Queensville.

Make sure you have plenty of water and snacks for this trip.

1st stop is Brisbane, the state’s capital, thriving with heritage. It has beautiful weather, so this city is for you if you love the outdoors. Brisbane has many things to do in the city and on the water. The most significant thing is the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. You can stay busy in the town or on the water. Also, do not forget the Australia Zoo in Beerwah— The Wheel of Brisbane, Brisbane Botanical Gardens, and many more options.

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2nd stop is Hervey Bay, a coastal city in southern Queensland; great to whale watch. It is a 3 hr. 23-minute drive or (285.8km). Here are things to do at Hervey Bay: Reef World Aquarium, Westside Water Park, and Hervey Bay History. I recommend staying three nights at Hervey Bay and Fraser Island. There is a lot of good stuff to explore.

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3rd stop is Fraser Island which has rainforest and habitats, dingoes, and other wildlife. There are so many packages you can purchase to experience this island.

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We will not recommend caravans if you want to camp on Fraser Island, but tents are. You can take a caravan on Rainbow Beach at



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