Just a Hand Up To My Fellow Writers!!

L. Jean Davis
2 min readMar 21, 2023

I love all the writing advice.

Photo by Jean Davis

As I am at the courthouse doing jury duty, hoping to be let go, I make the most of it and decide to work. I start reading my fellow writers' stories. Being there for many hours, I read many of them. I learn so much from you guys.

Next to me is this lady who has not shut up complaining the whole time she has been here. What is the use? There is nothing she can do. Can't she see I'm' reading? As soon as they said" " lunch," she was gone. Never saw anyone out the door so fast.

This Karen makes me appreciate my friends who do not complain about things we cannot change. I realize how little I get out in public anymore. Such colorful people will say anything to get out of jury duty or get upset because it is five minutes past lunchtime.

Photo by Janaya Dasiuk on Unsplash

Medium Publication and the writers here give me lots of confidence. This feels like home. I have saved a lot of stories to read for later on my lists. A lot of advice here. It makes me want to write more. So I encourage all of you new writers on Medium to stick it out and get to know some seasoned writers here. You will feel at home too. There is a new CEO who is adding a lot of…



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