I Hit a Milestone of 1000 Followers

It is a beautiful day to be a writer.

L. Jean Davis
2 min readMar 8, 2024

I want to thank all of my followers. I do not take any of you for granted. This is a beautiful career or hobby choice, and I have met many wonderful people.

If you are a new writer, do not become discouraged. Keep writing. Learn from others but use your own voice. Do not be afraid to use your personality. Everyone has opinions. Do not forget that rejection is an opportunity. Just keep moving forward if this is your passion.

Nothing can replace the written word, and nothing can replace hard-back books. I like the feel and smell of them. I know the internet makes things easier, but it can be so impersonal. However, it can also help us get more work and meet more people.

I am working on my Substack newsletter if you would like to sign up for it. It comes out on Fridays and on the 5th of every month. I do human interest stories including travel. Here is the link below. You can also subscribe to get my Medium stories sent to your inbox so you will not miss any.

Thank you again for a wonderful year!!

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