Camping in Luxury or A History Experience

What a great idea for community farming; why would Albany, Georgia, want to stop it?

Jean Davis
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Guest house photo. Taken by Deb Williams

Last Summer, I went on a vacation with my three best friends. This was the first trip we had been on in quite a few years. We are spoiled and old and wanted luxury camping. We had difficulty finding a place to fit our needs, but we finally did.

My sister and friend finally found a beautiful plantation in Albany, Georgia. We had yet to learn the history of this place and its beauty. It was also a wildlife sanctuary hermitage — wild boar, snakes, alligators, coyotes, and raccoons.

The lodges were also first class. They had beautiful screen porches and very comfortable mattresses for a broken lady like myself. The whole lodge had lovely artwork; the bathroom had an upscale shower that could fit two people. The kitchen had tea and coffee, and the size of the area was just right for us to cook in.

Resora Oasis

This beautiful 1638-acre former Plantation in Georgia goes back to the 19th century and has the most beautiful cypress trees. It has the largest slaveholder estates on it with a beautiful lake. The property has modern lodges, a guest house, and a bunkhouse. There are walking trails with pecan trees on one side and a garden on the other.

Look at Mr. Alligator. He is one of many. Photo taken by Deb Williams
Look at Mr. Alligator. Photo by Deb Williams

Looking closely at the picture, you will see one of many alligators. My friends had seen some up close the day before. I saw one the next day, but he was in the middle of the lake.

Back of Monroe Gains Lodge going to Lake photo taken by Deb Williams

Also, a snake was hanging out of the tree while walking from the lodge to the lake. It was too black to get a picture, and it escaped when it saw my friends coming. We saw Mr. Sherrod and his granddaughter and warned them of Mr. Snake’s presence, and that is when he told us what the vast cages were for.

Cypress Pond Plantation



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