Athens, Georgia — Fun for Everyone

Jean Davis
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College Football, Shopping, Friendship, Intellect, and History

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Athens, Georgia, has something for everyone, from college football to restaurants and shopping. It is an exciting place to visit with the big city but small-town feel. Athens is the sixth largest city in Georgia.


It is a big college town and has an extensive music scene. Many kinds of musical acts perform here. This town is hopping 24/7.

Bands like R.E.M., The B-52s, and Widespread Panic played in Athens. Many other success stories came out of Athens in the music scene in the 1980s and 1990s.

Art Rosenbaum — University of Georgia professor emeritus, musician, and folklorist, traveled around the country and made a documentary of all the musicians around Athens. He also used traditional musicians, winning a Historical Album Grammy for his Art of Field Recording. You must see his mural art at the library at U.G.A. His art collections are scattered across the U.S.A., Smithsonian being one.

Comedy — Then there is Athens Comedy; see my friend Owen Hunt on last Thursday night of the month, the Host at The Authentic Brewery Showcase. He is a former U.G.A. graduate and is hilarious.

What is Athens famous for?

Athens houses the University of Georgia, and it was the first State supported University in 1785. Their football team, Georgia Bulldogs, brings in a lot of visitors. The Stadium holds over 20,000, and Athens has the best tailgating plans. Businesses let you use parking lots to tailgate and listen to the game. They make a lot of money off of renting their parking spots. Go to to find out the best sites. Lots of creative ways of cooking food are going on there. People have it down to a science.

Photo by Jean Davis: Brody and Sassy

Athens is the beginning of the trail of the Historic Civil War Towns
that have beautiful Antebellum homes.



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