As A Writer On Medium, I Support Other Writers On Medium

Jean Davis
2 min readMay 14

I have many favorite writers on here!!!

I have enjoyed this platform very much. I have learned a lot from others. I go through and save the ones I want to read and label them. Then I listen to them, clap, and comment in my spare time. I might be cleaning, resting, or getting ready to write for myself. If I enjoyed and learned from them, I put them on my list group. You can listen to their stories instead of reading.

I am starting to learn a lot of names here and the different personalities: the writing styles, the humor, the hobbies, and what the writers believe.

You must support each other to make a good writer and get a good support group. If you take time out of your day or week to read and help others, the answer is yes!!

There are still many writers I would love to learn from and read. Many publications have different styles, and you have to choose if that is the one that is best for you. Some are stricter than others and have their style. But if you have a specific type you are unwilling to part with, that publication may not be suitable for you.

You will find your voice and your fellow writers that you communicate with.

I wish you all well on your journey, and I have read many great articles on my vacation this week. These are just a few pointers I have learned on my journey. And as I know more, I will share them with you.

If you have enjoyed my article, consider buying me a cuppa and enjoy my Spring photos before they are gone. Thanks.

This is Jean Davis!

Be blessed!

Jean Davis

Never too late to pursue your dreams after 60, which I did. I am a freelance writer. I love to write about real life situations and travel.