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L. Jean Davis
3 min readMay 8, 2023

Jean Davis

My family was at my husband's memorial. Photo by Brandi

Coat of many colors

I need to share more about myself. I am someone who wears a coat of many colors. In my mid-twenties, I was a bartender, made great money, and had much fun. My husband and I had divorced, and I had to find something l could make money at.

Was I going to be a cougar?

Then I started having these thoughts: age, looks, weight, divorce. I worked in country music at red-neck places and saw these older women chasing after younger guys, and they were not the good-looking, rich cougar type. No, I was not.

I was confused with life.

I cried out to the Lord for help. I did not know how to do anything else to support myself and felt stuck. At thirty-three, I let my ex-husband come back and live with me. We eventually got remarried. The Lord led me to work with a girl to learn about the cleaning industry, and after a year, I started my own business.

Family obligations

My son and his wife were having problems, and she left him and was doing drugs for years and moved off and left three small children. I then had to move to help my son look after my grandchildren and started a minor cleaning service. I closed the bigger one.

Moving on to higher learning

Going to school after all those years was hard, but I did it. I wanted to increase my learning skills, so I took my GED, and my whole family attended graduation. This was my greatest accomplishment.

I then went to college at forty for business. I worked at the college until I graduated.

I was an office manager at an Assisted Living then went on to work at a Church for several years until my husband died in 2014.

Sewing on the last colors of my coat.

My friend of fifty-seven years and I started a cleaning business together. Then she had to retire due to sickness. My sister agreed to work with me. Then my knees gave out. My sister completely took over, and I started taking writing courses. This was the first thing I had wanted to do at 12 years old. This will be my last career or I would rather say my hobby. I would also like to use it to help others with my experiences.

I hope you enjoy my stories, and if you do, consider following me. There are so many talented writers here with stories and how-tos on publications. You can join Medium, where you can read many writers, and I will get a percentage. The photos that I take are also on my tip page. You can buy me a cup of coffee and see my Spring pictures.

I will also l have an ebook shortly with some practical tips for your health and household.

Thank you for reading my bio!!

This is Jean Davis saying God Bless!!



L. Jean Davis

Never too late to pursue your dreams after 60, which I did. I am a freelance writer. I love to write about real life , travel, history, natural foods.